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What is the BMW Sports Package?

BMW is known as a leader in the automotive world. They provide high quality vehicles in every form. There is a high demand in BMW motorcycles, cars, Sport Utility Vehicles, trucks and tractor trailers. In order to ensure that each customer is able to find something that they desire, the BMW Company offers a variety of packages, such as the BMW Sports Package, to add a level of customization to the vehicle. The sports package is more of a customization of the appearance of the vehicle than an improvement of the engine specs, although the engine can be customized in the BMW vehicles as well.

The BMW Sports Package is most often seen on the car. This is a series of different features that are sold as one package to ensure continuity in the vehicle. These features include different wheels, a lowered body, anti-roll bars, a different interior and different painting options. This is not a cheap package. The average sports package is upwards of two thousand dollars, and additional features can push the price well above that. An improvement in the engine can cost this much by itself, although the additional power can be very enjoyable when paired with the sports package updates.

The standard wheels on a BMW are 16 inch wheels with a traditional BMW hubcap. These are not fancy wheels, but rather utilitarian wheels. They effectively hold the tire onto the vehicle and provide the vehicle with stability. These wheels are designed in such a way that they appeal to a large number of potential customers. With the BMW sports package, the standard BMW wheels are replaced with 17 inch spoke rims. These rims add a touch of class and daring to the vehicle without having to alter the wheel well to fit the tire. The tires are often a thinner, low profile tire.

The slightly lowered body of the vehicle with a BMW sports package helps to make the vehicle appear sleeker and faster. Traditional vehicles provide a fair amount of space between the vehicle and the road. This causes some turbulence and road noise due to the air being forced into the area. The decrease in volume between the road and the vehicle decreases the turbulence and therefore the road noise. In addition, vehicles at a high rate of speed appear to be lower to the ground than those who are cruising at a slower speed. The lowered body of the BMW enables the vehicle to appear to be moving quickly, when it is really just coasting or stationary.
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